Dam Construction

Country’s limited water resources and increasing water demands in the fields of drinking water, agriculture, industry and electricity production necessitates planning and water management studies for optimum water storage as well as utilization of dam reservoirs. In this regard, using a standard style of investigation in the framework of project objectives is unavoidable. In line with these goals, the division of dam construction of this company is active in the following fields:

  • Feasibility study of water supply projects
  • Designing and providing executive drawings for reservoir and diversion dams and their related structures
  • Management and planning for integrated usage of surface and ground water resources
  • Studies of geology, geotechnical engineering, and soil mechanics
  • Supervision over the executing of dam projects
  • Supervision over the geotechnical excavations and determination of the strength of material works
  • Studies of issues of social, economic, environmental, legal, and the legal privacy of water resources
  • Development of special hydro energy plans
  • Designing and supervision of physical models for hydraulic structures
  • Subdivision also provides engineering services for the rehabilitation of existing large dam and hydraulic structures, which requires special skills in hydraulic and material engineering.