NTM engineering is pleased to have done the various areas such as consultancy, construction works and EPC projects in different parts of Iran so that it is known as a reliable company inside the country.  Obtained experiences by expert engineers and continuous and sustainable collaboration with universities professionals in related fields, results in obtaining certificates from the plan and budget organization of Iran

A) Construction works
A-1 Dam construction
A-2 Irrigation and drainage networks
A-3 Railway
A-4 Road construction
A-5 Surveying
B) Management and Consultancy services
B-1 Dam construction
B-2 Geographic information systems
B-3 Hydro-grammetry
B-4 Irrigation and drainage networks
B-5 Land surveying
B-6 Micro-geodesy
B-7 Photo-grammetry
B-8 Railway
B-9 River engineering and costal protection
B-10 Road construction
B-11 Water and waste water structures

Moreover, to update the technical knowledge and also the connection to national and international societies, NTM has an active participation in related seminars and exhibitions.