Water & Wastewater Structure

Water is considered as the most important factor on development issue in all main sectors of agricultural, industrial, urban and rural communities. Population growth and its consequences such as more utilization of limited resources from one hand, and the water pollution resulted from various biological activities, agricultural, and industrial, on the other have rung the water crisis alarm in the world from some time ago. Hence, in addition to the necessity of executing water projects, executing the wastewater projects and how to monitor and optimize the utilization of them is also necessary. In line with these goals, this section of water and wastewater focuses its activities in the following fields:

  • Feasibility studies of water and wastewater projects
  • Studies of urban water, industrial, green space studies and design of the network of collecting, refining, transport and distribution structures of water
  • Studying and designing the network of collecting, transmission and refining structures of wastewater
  • Studying and designing disposal structures of surface water and possible re-use of them
  • Studying and designing o pumping and refinery stations and the related structures
  • Supervision over the utilization and maintenance of water transport networks and the relevant structures
  • Monitoring the utilization of surface and underground water resources