Project Management Services for Line no.1 of Tabriz Metro Lines
Employer:Tabriz Urban Railway Organization(TURO)
Subjects of Services:Project management services for detailed engineering design studies,guidance and navigation,selecting contractors,supervision over projects execution,logistics,and engineering services.

The route of line no. 1 with a direction of West-East is extended in the middle part of the city of Tabriz. The line started from the University Circle to around the central market of Tabriz city and from there designed as two separated circular tunnels, constructed by TBM, continues toward station no. 16. This line has a total length of 17.2 Km, 18 stations , and finally two repair terminals.

Project Management Services Of Pavement For Metro Line airport and Parand town

Imam Khomeini International Airport, and Parand town including approving reports of stages one and two, provided by other consulting engineers companies, and also carry out the project management during stage 3 of the above line.
Project description: Suburb line of Tehran - Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) – Parand with a length of 50 km start from FathAbad and after passing the University of Shahed, and Vavan and Aftab towns reaches to IKA form which extent toward the new city of Paran. Having fixed and movable equipments, the line is able to connect to the metro line no. 3 of Tehran metro lines.


The First And The Second Stages Studies Of Pavement Construction Karaj-Hashtgerd Metro Line

Subject of services: Providing consultancy services for studies (first and second stages) of route pavement construction for Karaj – Hashtgerd metro line Project description: Karaj – Hashtgerd double lined electrical train continues from the end of metro line no. 5 of Tehran and connects the cities of Karaj and Hashtgerd It is planned to have a speed of 140 Kilometers per hour and estimated to be designed and constructed during 4 years. Based on prediction it this line will move a population of 73 million in year 1400. Interval time between two trains moving in the peak hour demand will be 10
minutes and it takes 12 minutes to pick up the passengers from the city of Hashtgerd and drop them in Mehrshahr. Karaj- Hashtgerd railway started from Mehrshahr terminal, located in station 100+39, while most of the line is located in the vicinity of north band of Karaj-Qazwin highway.