Moghan Irrigation Network

Name of contract: Engineering Consultancy Services for Phase 2 (Detailed Design) of 4,000 ha of Moghan Irrigation and Drainage Network

Country: Iran

Moghan is a plain on the south bank of the Aras River and west of the Caspian Sea, most of which is located in the East Azerbaijan Province in northwestern Iran. Moghan is one of the areas for planting and harvesting agricultural products due to its fertile soil, suitable weather, and sufficient rainfall, as well as the Aras River. Moghan Irrigation and Drainage Network has been designed with the aim of optimal utilization of agricultural lands and increasing the yield of agricultural products. By implementing this network, the following goals were achieved:

Adequate and timely water supply for all covered lands (4000 hectares) and soil salinity control

Increase productivity of available water resources

Improving the quality of lands that are currently of poor quality

Creating employment in the agricultural sector

Increasing production efficiency in agriculture

Increasing the efficiency of livestock production

Contract role (check one): Sole Consultant
Date of award: July, 2013
Date of completion: July,2014
Duration (years and months): 12 months