Feasibility Study of Khalifian Dam

Feasibility Study Of Khalifian Short Dam

Employer: Western Azarbayjan Regional Water Joint-Stock Company
Project position: Naghadeh county-Western Azarbayjan province Iran (X:543353,Y:4083390)
Starting date: February 2007
Completion date:February 2010
Dam height: 20 m
The crest level of the dam: 140 m from sea level

First stage studies on Khalifian short embankment dam are being carried out to control floods and to prevent from damage of spring floods to Khalifian village and also to set and save some output of Khalifian River for agricultural and drinking usages. The predicted place for constructing Khalifian short dam is located in six kilometers from east-south of the county Naghadeh, the province, Western Azarbayjan. The basin area of this dam is located in the south of the lake Urumiyeh, with the area 11.8 and the perimeter 15.4 km. The river Khalifian is one of the branches of the river Godarchay and its average annual output is about 3 million.