Rajein & Pavehrood Irrigation Network

Name of contract: Engineering Consultancy Services for Phase 1 (Feasibility studies) of 6,200 ha of Rajein and Pavehrood Plain Irrigation and Drainage Network

Country: Iran

The irrigation and drainage network of Rajin and Pavehrood with the aim of optimal utilization of agricultural lands and increase of yield of Crops are designed. The project site is located in the north of Zanjan province and is adjacent to Gilan, Qazvin, and Ardabil provinces. By implementing this network, the following goals were achieved:

Adequate water supply for all lands covered and soil salinity control.

Increase the efficiency of existing water resources and improve the quality of land that is currently of poor quality.

Increasing the efficiency of agricultural production

Description of executive operations:

Design of underground drainage operations with a length of 976,000 meters

Design of 2200 underground drainage connections.

Drainage service road design 209,850 meters

Canal service road design 88,200 meters

Canal design in different types 84800 meters length

Design of open drainage with a length of 87950 meters

Contract role (check one): Sole Consultant
Date of award: September, 2014
Date of completion: August,2015
Duration (years and months): 11 months