NTM's water resources development and management activities are largely the responsibility of NTM Consulting Engineers Company.
In water resources development projects, to identify the project area, some studies are required including Meteorology, Climatology, Surface and Groundwater Resources Management,Geology, Geotechnique, Hydraulics, and Hydrology, which are performed in this section. Qualitative and quantitative sampling and measurement of water resources in water monitoring plan is another activity of this section. The major services of this section are:

Hydrological and hydro geological investigations.
Groundwater exploration and monitoring.
Preparation of water balances.
Design of hydrometric networks.
Flood probabilities and flood routing.
Conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water

Planning,design and supervision of:
Drainage system for roads and highways.
Drainage works for surface runoff in urban and industrial areas.
Special hydraulic structures.
Irrigation and Drainage Networks for agricultural land
Diversion dam and water intake structures.
Sub-surface drainage works.

Contracts and tenders issues of projects management.
Electricity and power supply systems.
Mechanical and electrical structures.
Fleet and utilization.
Design of route , pavement and foundation.
Structure(bridge and tunnel).

Geographical information system and remote sensing.
Ground surveying.