Masqan Irrigation Network

Name of contract: Engineering Services for Designing and Surveying Phase 1 (Feasibility studies) of 5,700 ha of Masqan Irrigation and Drainage Network

Country: Iran

This region is located in the south of Iran in Fars province. The objectives of the project are as follows:

Gathering additional information, conducting additional studies, verifying the cultivation pattern, selecting the appropriate irrigation method, submitting a report on the basics of design,

design, and preparation of implementation plans approved by the client:

Design of underground drainage operations

Carrying out layering studies, measuring the permeability coefficient in 17 points of the range and performing the necessary tests and preparing and presenting the relevant report

Prepare a map of soil salinity and alkalinity and measure the water level for one year

Measuring permeability in the area and conducting relevant studies, preparing and submitting reports Surface soil chemical analysis

Physical decomposition and granulation of surface soil ,social studies and the exploitation system Attendance at the time of operation (for one year)

Contract role (check one): Sole Consultant
Date of award: January, 2014
Date of completion: December,2014
Duration (years and months): 11 months