Irrigation & Drainage Networks

Climatic variation and inharmonious spatial and temporal distribution of surface flow is an inherent feature of the large part of the country. Therefore, construction irrigation and drainage networks in Iran go back to several thousand years ago. At present, water transport projects and the optimum use of water plans are known as the country’s infrastructure projects. The study fields in the division of irrigation and drainage networks are as followed:

  • Feasibility studies and design of irrigation and drainage, surface water and underground networks, designing diversion and groundwater dams and related structures
  • Investigation the methods of water delivery to farms and providing appropriate measures for water loss reduction
  • Studies of the different options of supplying water for irrigation requirements
  • Designing hydraulic structures
  • Designing pumping station, water transport lines, reservoirs for irrigation networks, and providing executive drawings
  • Studying and designing o artificial recharge of groundwater
  • Utilization management, maintenance and monitoring of irrigation and drainage networks
  • Planning for optimum use of water resources
  • Performance evaluation of irrigation and drainage networks
  • Higher and workshop supervision of underground drainage projects