Khalifian Dam and Irrigation Network

Name of contract: Consultancy services for Khalifian Dam and irrigation network and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and resettlement action plan studies

Country: Iran

In 2007, with the aim of controlling floods in Khalifan River, Godarchay branch, and supplying drinking water to the cities of Mirabad, Ajmaloo and Mehmandar, and supplying water to more than 600 hectares of agricultural lands around flood control and disposal studies, river route improvement and feasibility studies based on information. Meteorology, hydrology, seismicity and seismic risk assessment, geology and geotechnics of the region began. After complete examinations by the company’s experts, the location and type of the dam will be located on the Khalifan River, 1 km away from Mirabad city, in the form of a pebble earthen dam with a clay core with a height of 30 meters, a width of 200 meters and a reservoir volume of 2 million cubic meters. designed. Construction of the dam began in 2011 and was ready to open in 2014

Date of award: June, 2007
Date of completion: Sept,2009
Duration: 25 months