Arror Dam


Arror River passes throw Gishu highland in vicinity of Kapswar County flowing Arror Fall to Kairo River in Rift Valley .This valley is the Longest in African continent and it is famous in the world. The difference in height between Dam site and deepest point in the Rift Valley is 1200 meters. The Dam site is located in 75 Km North East far from Eldoret city and 250 Km North West of Nairobi-Kenya

With construction of an Earth Core Rock fill Dam – ECRD – Dam and with Height of 93m and foundation at 2175 meters above sea level the reservoir volume would be 64 Million Cubic Meters. The water will flow throw series of pressurized pipes named Penstock with a length of 5 KM which partly would be installed in an access tunnel to downhill and powerhousae. Water by passing through the three Turbine generators, Pelton type, with an output of 60 MW will flow to the a Daily Regulating Pond with a volume 50000 Cubic meters. It generates 157 GWh guaranteed annual energy