River Eng.

Rivers and river systems are exploited in different methods. The role of rivers in agriculture, especially in arid and semi-arid areas, is essential. Flooding and sediment deposition in the valleys of large rivers results in fertility and the revival of those valleys. Nowadays rivers are known as one of the main facilities for expansion of business and travelling and hence, they play a significant role in the development of some countries. However, rivers constantly are exposed to change. Therefore, river engineering studies is necessary in order to estimate the variation of discharge, sediment, and water quality over the time and also their relevant flooding area. River engineering is known as the science which is engaged with the planning, designing, construction, and utilizing of all tasks related to the river as well as those structures implemented within the river systems. Generally, studies and operational objectives of river engineering are reducing the risks threatening human life as well as increasing the human beneficiaries of the rivers. These goals are attainable from the following activities:

  • Organizing the river to control flooding, river stabilization and sediment control
  • Providing conditions suitable for shipping, sailing, and generally, the transportation

In line with achieving these goals, this subdivision of river engineering includes following fields of activities:

  • Searching suitable locations for sand and gravel mining
  • Management planning and utilization of river bed materials
  • Determination of floodway and flood fringe and providing maps for flooding areas
  • Studies of flood control and river route modification
  • Studies of protection and stabilization of river bed and banks and designing the water division structures
  • Morphological studies of rivers
  • Planning and management of river utilization
  • Organizing, beautification and modification of river channel
  • Evaluation of technical and economic performance and the impacts of existed structures in the river on the environment