Agh-Chai Irrigation Network

Name of contract: Engineering Consultancy Services for Phase 1 (Feasibility Studies) of 8,100 ha of Agh-Chai Irrigation And Drainage Network

Country: Iran

The Agh-Chai irrigation and drainage network has been designed with the aim of optimal land productivity and increasing agricultural production. By implementing this network, the following goals will be achieved:

The adequate water supply of lands covered and control of soil salinity.

Increase the efficiency of available water resources and improve land quality

Development of existing lands in Sultanabad plain

Increasing the efficiency of agricultural production

Project specifications:

53 km of low-pressure irrigation pipelines

262 km of pressurized irrigation pipelines

 91 km of irrigation pipeline service road

134 km of open drainage grade 3

97 km of the drainage service road

4000 hectares of land leveling

 7 pressurized irrigation pumping stations

200 square meters of building operation

579 units of catchment structures and valves

537 units of drainage structures

Contract role (check one): Sole Consultant
Date of award: May, 2015
Date of completion: September,2016
Duration (years and months): 16 months