Dasht-e-Darab Irrigation Network

Name of contract: Engineering Services For Designing And Surveying Phase 1 (Feasibility studies) of 9,200 ha of Dasht-e-Darab Irrigation And Drainage Network

Country: Iran

The Dasht-e-Darab project is designed to improve soil salinity. Increase the productivity of agricultural lands and supply drinking water to the people of the region in the Dasht-e-Darab of Fars province.

Description of Operation

27 km of first-class, two-channel

26 km of first and second-degree drainage

210 km of 3rd and 4th-degree canals

450 units of hydraulic structures

Leveling operation with a volume of 1.9 million cubic meters

Contract role (check one): Sole Consultant
Date of award: Feburary, 2016
Date of completion: Feburary,2017
Duration (years and months): 12 months