In ts subdivision the following services are presented:

  • Providing maps using aerial photos
  • Topographic maps at different scales using SOFT COPY software and other digital photogrammetry software
  • Updating, organizing, and enrich the city maps
  • Performing cartography operations for urban and mountainous farms at different scales
  • Prepared packaged software for the automation of cartography operations
  • Ortophoto production based on photographs and satellite images
  • Producing digital terrain model of earth and digital surface model
  • Investigation and analysis of three dimensional models to determine the different forms of objects in the application of archaeological, architectural, industrial and military
  • Three-dimensional measurements performed at different times on the monuments and architecture to assess their trend.
  • Providing accurate measurements of coordinates and accurate measurements of three-dimensional models of various objects in various applications of short-range photogrammetry CLOSE RANGE using images and laser data.
  • Use of photogrammetry capabilities in the reverse engineering in industrial projects