Khoda-Afarin Irrigation Network

Name of contract: Engineering Services for Designing and Surveying Phase 2 (Detailed Design) of 10,300 ha of Khoda-Afarin Irrigation and Drainage Network

Country: Iran

The location of the irrigation and drainage network of Khoda-Afarin construction unit is in the northeast of East Azerbaijan province. Khoda-Afarin city is bordered by Azerbaijan to the north, Kalibar to the east, Varzeqan to the south, and Julfa to the west. The objectives of this plan include the following:

Water supply from Aras River and Khoda-Afarin dam for 10,300 hectares of agricultural lands.

Social facilitation and resolution of disputes and land integration.

Design of irrigation and drainage sub-networks (on-surface and under-pressure).

Design of operations of segmentation, leveling, and roads between farms.

Perform surveying operations in order to obtain criteria and design of underground drain-networks.

Attend the operation period and eliminate defects until the project is delivered for 12 months.

Contract role (check one): Sole Consultant
Date of award: April, 2016
Date of completion: April,2017
Duration (years and months): 12 months